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Myth 10 Bow Riser Bolt Adjustment


*Valuable anodising ILF riser for archers.
*High quality CNC machined riser with excellent straightness and balance.
*Premium dymond wooden grip with perfect hand position.
*High strength stainless steel alignment parts

  • Length::25”
  • Net weight::1292g
  • Limb fitting system::ILF
  • RH only
  • Product Code red:200.055.001
  • Product Code gold:200.055.002
  • Product Code dark blue:200.055.003
  • Product Code light blue:200.055.004
  • Product Code black:200.055.005
  • Product Code green:200.055.006
  • Product Code yellow:200.055.007
  • Product Code purple:200.055.008

Student-ID First Name
Length: 25”
Net weight: 1292g
Limb fitting system: ILF
RH only
Product Code red 200.055.001
Product Code gold 200.055.002
Product Code dark blue 200.055.003
Product Code light blue 200.055.004
Product Code black 200.055.005
Product Code green 200.055.006
Product Code yellow 200.055.007
Product Code purple 200.055.008

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